Cutting and Polishing

A diamond’s cut is the most complex and technically difficult criteria to evaluate, as it requires precise workmanship and skill. A beautifully finished diamond is magnificent, with every facet displaying a master craftsman’s skill and care. While we often think of a diamond’s cut its shape – princess, round, emerald, cushion – a diamond’s “cut grade” is in fact referring to how well the stone’s facets interact with light. Typically the brighter a diamond shines, the higher the cut grade.

A diamond looks beautiful because the master craftsman was able to achieve all three optical effects a well-cut stone should display: white light reflections called brightness, flashes of color called fire, and areas of light and dark called scintillation.

Craftmanship and experience with every cut...

Burgundy has its own secure diamond cutting, polishing, grading and sales in Perth, Western Australia, where skilled artisans and trained specialists work on and value some of the most expensive diamonds in the world. Precision, excellence, and the ability to balance technology, craftsmanship and experience, give Burgundy the optimal outcome on each stone.

Burgundy's uniquely specialized team of Master Craftsmen allow us to continue to capture incremental value along the full chain of the diamonds market, by eliminating intermediaries and providing undeniable traceability and provenance of our stones to jewelers and manufacturers around the world.

Our facility in Perth, Western Australia, employs a team of Master Craftsmen who’s experience and skills are renowned for cutting and polishing the famous Argyle Pink diamonds for the past 30 years. This provides Burgundy with the ability to deliver unique cuts and faceting for our high-quality gemstones, maximizing a diamond’s natural beauty and rarity for our customers.

The facility is currently operating at a capacity of 2,500 – 3,000 carats per year for rough stones and uses specialist equipment to produce high-quality, high-value coloured diamonds. There is also a diamond grading laboratory where all Burgundy diamonds are graded. Our Diamond Grading Team brings in-depth knowledge and expertise to the field, having graded all of the Argyle Pink diamonds for the past three decades. The team also assisted in the development of the Pink Diamond Grading System, a proprietary method for grading fancy colour diamonds. Burgundy currently uses an in-house developed grading system for yellow diamonds to grade, value and sell our stones. The grading system’s nomenclature is recorded on each diamonds’ certificate of authenticity, which is then issued to the buyer as proof of traceability and provenance.