Burgundy is a premier independent global scale diamond company focused on capturing the end-to-end value of our unique, vertically integrated business model. Our strategy focuses on capturing margins along the full value chain of the diamond market, inclusive of mining, production, cutting and polishing and the marketing and sale of diamonds.

By building a balanced portfolio of the world’s best diamond projects in favourable jurisdictions, including our globally renowned Canadian mining asset Ekati, our diamond cutting and polishing facility in Perth, and diamond brands and sales partnerships, Burgundy has unlocked access to the full diamond value chain. This end-to-end business model with total chain of custody additionally provides traceability along every step of the process, with Burgundy able to safeguard the ethical production of the diamonds from mining to marketing and discovery to design.

A vertically integrated business from exploration through to polished diamond production and sales, providing traceability along every step of the process.

Origin of our diamonds
Burgundy mines rough diamonds from Ekati Mine, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, which it fully owns and operates. Ekati is Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine and it’s renowned for the premium gem quality diamonds it produces.
CanadaMark™ Program
The CanadaMark™ program provides customers with assurance of the integrity of the supply chain of Canadian diamonds from mine to retail and gives the end consumers of diamond jewellery confidence in the origin and history of their polished diamonds. All CanadaMark™ certified diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and northern people; tracked through independent, audited processes at every stage from the mine of origin to the polished stone; natural and untreated; and polished to meet specific quality standards.
Sorting and selling of rough diamonds
Recovered rough diamonds are sorted and then eventually shipped to Antwerp Belgium, where our diamond market experts sell rough diamonds directly to manufacturers, who cut and polish diamonds, tailoring parcels to the customers' needs. Burgundy works with CanadaMark™ approved manufactures, which gives jewellery end consumers confidence in the Canadian origin of their diamonds.
Cutting and polishing
Burgundy owns and operates Australia’s only commercial cutting, polishing and diamond grading facility, based in Perth, Western Australia. This gives Burgundy the unique capability of in-house cutting, polishing and grading by world-leading master craftsmen. Burgundy uses its own proprietary tracing system for our stones, providing traceability from Ekati, directly to our facility and onto end manufactures and jewelers. Additionally, Burgundy’s globally recognized CanadaMark™ brand and certification, provides confidence to end customers in the Canadian origin of their diamonds.
Diamond Sales
Burgundy diamonds are sold through our proprietary auction system in Antwerp and through select tenders for larger special diamonds. In addition, Burgundy sells exclusively to jewelers to supply unique fancy gemstones for exquisite high-end jewellery pieces and custom jewellery designs. Through this end-to-end business model with total chain of custody, we are able to ensure undeniable guarantee of provenance and traceability for these rare and beautiful diamonds.
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Future Growth

The corporate strategy is underpinned by three achievable objectives. This includes extending the mine life at Ekati, leveraging the vertical integration model and identifying new mining opportunities. Ekati is poised to see additional conventional and underground operations to support significant mine life extension, as well as identifying operational improvements to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Burgundy is also looking to enhance the diamond sales process and maximize margins through its internal sorting, cutting, polishing and grading facilities.